Work Socials and Corporate Events

Work socials from your living room

Missing Wellbeing Wednesday? Didn't realise how much you loved the water cooler chats? Berating yourself for ever saying no to Friday after work drinks? Well get in touch with us, we can supply some much needed fun and team socialising for you and your colleagues during these strange times.

We can provide you with a unique quiz that will keep everyone entertained for a couple of hours. It's a great way to get the team back together. Or how about try some Disco Bingo one evening? It's a great excuse to dress up, have a drink, and it's so easy to play! We are also able to host many other events including game shows, mass karaoke, dance offs, musical statues, pictionary or anything else you wanted to try.

So for unique staff socials, corporate events or team building activities, get in touch with us now.


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