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4 Ways To Add Va Va Voom To Your Life On Zoom

We’re living in an age of isolation, and the only way to socialise with those outside your household is via video call. It’s like every office worker’s worst nightmare. But we have adapted quickly and are making do with what we have, and to be honest I think we're all thanking our lucky stars this is happening at a time when we have such fantastic technology to keep us connected! But don't rest on your laurels, I'm going to give you some tips to make your digital commitments even more exciting, whether your next Zoom call is a work meeting, a catch up with friends or taking part in a 'how to build your own compost bin' workshop...

1. Share the music you’re listening to!

Most of you probably know you can share your screen on Zoom, and you can even share the computer sound as well, but did you know you can share JUST the sound? This is great for when having catch ups with people, as you can all be listening to the same music at the same time, and the best bit is by sharing your computer sound, the sound for everyone else on the call will be amazing quality!

Here’s how…

- Click ‘share screen’,

- Click ‘share computer sound’

- Click ‘advanced’

- Click ‘music or computer sound only’

- Then click share.

2. Change your background!

You can create a virtual background, and it can be absolutely anything you like as you can upload photos AND videos from your device! Before your next ‘digital commitment’ on Zoom, have a think about which background will make your friends laugh and make you look cool. Get it ready on your device to upload once you’re on your next call.

Here’s how...

- On the options on the bottom bar, click the upwards arrow next to video, then click 'choose virtual background'

- Then click the '+' button and it will give you the option to upload a photo or video

3. Download SnapCamera (I am not being paid to tell you to do this, it’s just really fun! Please make sure you’re happy with the terms and conditions before doing so...) it’s like having Tiktok or Instagram filters but on your Zoom call, and I’m fairly certain this works on any video calling app (Facebook messenger, Skype, House Party etc. although I haven’t tested it myself yet). It’s super fun and will impress anyone on your call, especially your boss!

Here’s me hosting an Easter Egg hunt as a cute, neon bunny via Snap Camera…

4. And if you can… Be the host!

I promise you, once you do it once you’ll become hungry for the power of being a Zoom call host on all future calls. You have all sorts of powers, but the best one is the ability to mute anyone you like. ANYONE! Your parents having a go at you for not calling more? Mute them! Your drunk friend rambling on too much? Mute them! Dave from accounts 3 dogs won’t stop barking during the weekly catch up? Mute that MF. You can either mute them without allowing them to unmute themselves, or you can just mute them temporarily and they can unmute themselves when they want. The latter is riskier as they’re likely to be mad and let you know about it, but then you can just mute them again. Problem solved.

Here's how

- You have to set up the Zoom call yourself to be the host OR the person setting up the call can add you as a host. However, you must have a Zoom account for this to work.

Enjoy my tips you sexy isolators. Stay home, stay safe and see you on Zoom soon.

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